Potential traffic calming scheme for Kingham Road

Potential traffic calming scheme for Kingham Road


  • At the request of residents, the Parish Council proposed the installation of a flashing speed sign on the Kingham Road entrance to the village to reduce the speed of traffic. This would have meant there was a speed sign on each entrance to the village (as discussed at past Annual Meetings).
  • However, after extensive feedback from some of the Sidings Road residents the Parish Council put this plan ‘on hold’ while other options were investigated.
  • One of the options under consideration is road narrowing using a “pinch point”. This means that the road would be narrowed for a short distance, reducing the road to a single lane and slowing the speed of vehicles approaching and leaving the village. Road humps could be added at the pinch point. An example of this sort of installation can be seen at Leafield.

Proposed Pinch Point process

  • The Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department request that the Parish Council carry out an informal consultation with the residents to ensure that the proposed scheme would be acceptable.
  • Informal consultation on proposed traffic calming measure issued to residents in the November Roundabout report
  • In the January Parish Council meeting Councillors reviewed feedback with a small number of objections to the proposal and decided to move ahead to the next stage
  • Further liaison with Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department to consider what could feasibly be implemented. Agreed that traffic priority should be given to vehicles leaving the village and calming measures would apply to those entering the village.
  • Site visit from a representative of the Highways Department to consider if the scheme is viable and if so to assess where the calming installation could be located (February 2020)

Not yet taken place due to Covid-19

  • Highways Department to produce a detailed plan recommending a location that is safe and with low environmental impact and enabling accurate costings.
  • Plan received by Parish Council for review of location and cost
  • Public consultation run by the County Council, open to all residents for comment
  • Go/no go decision on County Council recommendation.